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OAND monitors local, state, and federal governments to ensure laws protect the public's right to sound and accurate nutrition advice from qualified professionals. House and Senate Bills which may impact the public's nutrition health or the dietetics profession are summarized. OAND provides guidance for dietetic professionals when discussing important issues with legislators in the Members Only section.

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Administrative Rule on Medicaid and MNT

The Medicaid Rule is final

Medicaid covers MNT beginning January l, 2012.

The Dept of Job and Family Services has the final rule in place to cover the 3 MNT codes beginning January first.  The final rule is attached.  Note that the billing needs a "modifier" - AE.  Billers know how to handle this. Billing has to be done through a Medicaid Provider -- the dietitian cannot bill directly. The codes are the same as Medicare -- 97802-97803-97804.  The big difference is that with Medicaid every ICD diagnosis code we asked for is included -- not just diabetes and renal as in Medicare.  See the attached Medicaid proposal for the current list of diagnosis codes.

We have asked for several others related to children and those will be part of the revision which we expect will be done in March or April. The revision will change the statement about the APN using the MNT codes - they will be directed to only the E&M codes.

Medicaid administrative Rule

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Please note the reimbursement rates are:

  • 97802 -- $20.58 (per 15 min. unit)
  • 97803 - $17.97 (per 15 min. unit)
  • 97804 - $8.98  (per 15 min. unit)